Monday, February 07, 2011

Formation Process of Rock

Formation Process of Rock
Respectively, the formation of rock on Earth can you see in the following cycle of rock.


1. Magma as the host of all rocks that form lithosphere.
2. because of the cooling process in the internal of Earth, in Earth’s surface, it happens the freezing process of magma inner igneous roc and the outer.
3. Through the process of destruction without the changing of chemical composition from origin rock, classical sediment rock is formed.
4. For sedimentation through a chemical process, the product is a chemical sediment and the sedimentation done by organism, the product is an organic sediment.
5. The change caused by the rise in temperature produces contact metamorphic rocks; by the pressure produces dynamic metamorphic rocks, and by the addition of another substance produces pneumatholitic contact metamorphic rocks.
6. Finally, whatever rocks that have been in contact with magma will undergo the change of form first, if a condition is possible, they will enter again into magma.

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