Thursday, January 27, 2011

Determining Age of Earth’s Shell part.2

Determining Age of Earth’s Shell part.2

Absolute Age

Recently, It can be found the absolute age of Earth’s shell by several methods:

1. Calculating how much the average (in unit of gram) of water carried by river every year to the sea. Research is done by an astronomer named Halley in 1715. the number produced shows the age of Earth is at least 350 million years.

2. Using the base of calculation of the amount of erosion (destruction) of rocks transported by water to the seafloor. By knowing the rise of the thickness (the amount) of sediment layer every year, then researchers estimate the age of Earth. More careful research by this method produces estimation that the age of earth is 405-1050 million years.

3. Based on the research about radioactive elements.

In 1896, physicists found that radioactive process has certain properties that can be used to estimate the age of Earth’s shell. To determine the age of Earth it can be done by two methods as follows.

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