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Asteroid or planetoid is a group of small planet that revolving the sun and lies between Mars and Jupiter.Base on to its shape asteroid is divided into 2 parts:
1. Large Asteroid, for example: Cars, Pallas, Vesta, Hygiren
2. Small Asteroid, for example: Eros, Hitos and Geografos.

The coagulation of glowing fog or planetesima or protoplanet, it does not only produce eight planets, but also its satellites. Asteroid also comes from planetesima.

Some small planets have diameter of 1 km, another mostly as large as moon. Asteroid that is the first time found by a Sicilian Clergyman in the first day of 19th century, that is Asteroid of name Ceres, the name of holy person and protector for Sicilian.

In the beginning asteroid is assumed only one. But, in the years later obviously is found 3 other asteroids and keep growing, until now it has been listed more that 2.000 asteroids. Its orbit is not only between Mars and Jupiter. There are asteroids are closer to the Earth than to Mars and some other are further than Jupiter measured from the Sun, such as Icarus and Apollo. That orbits around Jupiter’s orbit is called Troya asteroid. The main path of asteroid is called asteroid belt.

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