Thursday, December 02, 2010

Moon’s Aspect

Moon’s Aspect

Moon’s aspect is the position of Moon to the Sun and that can be seen there are three kinds:

1. conjunction that is the position of Moon in parallel to the Sun and lies between Earth and the Sun. In that position Moon’s surface that faces to Earth does not get light (dark), in certain condition will happen new moon or dead moon and it can also happen lunar eclipse.

2. Opposition is the position of the Moon in opposite to the Sun, if it seen from Earth, tat time the Moon appears as full moon. In certain condition it can happen lunar eclipse.

3. First quarter is Moon occupies position perpendicular to connector line of the Earth and Sun. This aspect of first quarter causes bright part of the moon is only a half, and the bright moon lies in the west. Second quarter is half part of the Moon that bright faces to the Earth and the half position of moon that bright lies in the east.

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