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Galaxy is a group of stars in universe that their amount is large.
If we go out of house in the bright night and doesn’t cloudy also free from the influence of moonlight, then we can see on the sky a light path like giant belt that makes circle. If we observe by using telescope, the light path is union light of billion of stars even more, that lie in one group of certain galaxy. In universe, besides found billion of stars, there are also billions of galaxy, even more. But that we know is only several, including Milky Way galaxy.

Before telescope was found by Galileo-Gelilei (1610), the mistery of galxy is not uncovered yet, so several nations describe galaxy as white light.

For example people of ancient Greek described galaxy as spilled milk in the sky when Juno brestfeed her baby that has name Hercules. It is different with tales of another nation that describes galaxy is the place of dead spirits. Even some describe that galaxy as road for dead spirits to go to their lasting place.

The characteristics of galaxy are as follows.
1. It has its own light.
2. It has core that light in the center, so it is easily recognized.
3. It has certain shapes.
4. the location between one galaxy to another galaxy is very far.

The Shape of Galaxy

Based on its shape galaxy is separated into three:

1. It has shape of Ellipse

The special characteristic of this galaxy is in the middle is found pile of dense stars and have shape like lens ball, middle part is thick, while its edge is thin. The number of galaxy that has shape of ellipse is about 75% of galaxies ever recognize.

2. Spyral shape

The shape of this galaxy is like giant fire whirlpool. Milky Way galxy is included into this shape, while our Sun lies at one middle of that spyra.

3. It has irregular shape

This shape appears like small balls that spread irregularly, without striking edge.

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